Letter: Legitimate anger at Adams board

Legitimate anger at Adams board

To the editor:

Another property tax increase in Adams. When is this going to stop? Our town government just doesn't get it. We are not your personal piggy bank.

Adams has had a reputation for poor financial decisions for many years. Retired people do not receive increases in income yet the cost of everything needed to live on increases in price. All the Selectmen do is make excuses. To file for a rebate they want to enter your home. Nobody has any business, not only entering your home, but using what's inside as a source of income. That's a desperate act by an incompetent government that can't control it's spending.

Our roads are horrible, yet they paid an obscene amount of money for a piece of property to build a train station that will benefit how many people? Do they not understand what the word priority means? If I sound like an angry taxpayer, at least they would get that right.

Mike Moncecchi, Adams


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