Letter: Lenox doesn’t get it on pipeline


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Elm Court plan aside, Lenox just doesn’t get it. I consider that plan a Lenox/Stockbridge concern. What I consider not only a Berkshire concern, but a multi-state concern is the proposed Tennessee Gas pipeline.

The Eagle had the headline correct using the term "concession" in its article on Aug. 22. Unlike Lenox Town Manager Christopher Ketchen, I disagree totally that that in good faith Lenox needs to grant permission for this survey and that "we do have to keep a cordial relationship with Kinder Morgan." Although the vote to allow the survey is not an endorsement of the pipeline project as stated by the board, it does send a message that Lenox is willing to cooperate with these companies.

What information is the board hoping to get from a survey. Is it "there’s gold in them there hills!" We all know are hills and waterways are "golden." We don’t need Kinder Morgan to tell us this. And, more importantly, we’d like to keep them that way. Do we really expect a multi-mega bucks corporation to care about our little corner of the country? Look what they’ve done in other parts of the country. Look up Dish, Texas on the Internet and see how it has bought out people to be silent about the hazards it inflicted on that town.

By the way, is Lenox part of the Berkshires? Has been under a rock while numerous other towns have passed resolutions against such projects and other boards have denied permission for surveys? Where is the solidarity here?

What Lenox and probably others don’t get is that this pipeline doesn’t belong anywhere in the area. And if the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approves the application, unlike Mr. Roche, I am volunteering to strap myself to a tree.




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