Letter: Lenox Farmers Market is bad for Lilac Park

Lenox Farmers Market bad for Lilac Park

To the editor:

The Lenox Select Board has allowed the Farmers Market to move into Lilac Park this summer. That's got "bad idea" stamped all over it.

When it was in Triangle Park, it was slowly turning the place into a sandbar. An alert citizen had to remind the Selectmen that it was only to be there one year.

The name Lenox Farmers Market is a bit hokey anyway. Makes it sound like the stuff was grown in someone's truck patch over on Kneeland Avenue or someplace. Half the goods are not even produce. Farmers/flea market is closer to the truth.

The board didn't show grocer Earl Albert much consideration. I worked for the family in high school. Now I'm retired for awhile and they're still there grinding it out. The Alberts do not deserve town-sponsored competition across the street with people from Kinderhook, N.Y.

There is too much activity in Lilac Park as it is. It seems every weekend we've got an art show, craft fair, pancake breakfast, concert, or something. Have we leased the place to the Chamber of Commerce?

This is our village green. I love sitting on a park bench named after someone I remember, and enjoying my great little town. I don't want it to be trampled.

If we continue to expand in Lilac Park with semi-commercial events, let's be honest and rename it The Lenox Fairgrounds.

Tony Smith, Lenox


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