Letter: Letter contributes to hate, bigotry


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In response to Jessica Branca’s Feb. 4 letter "Jesus saw homosexuality as a sin," I was extremely disappointed to see the Eagle would publish this letter for several reasons.

First, I have no problem with individuals being devout in their religion. I was raised Catholic myself, and still have faith in some of their teachings. However, I do not feel it is appropriate for a local newspaper to allow all the religious quotations be published, especially when in this case, it was very discriminatory towards a large community of people. I understand the idea of free speech and that this is simply opinion, but I believe there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and unfortunately has.

Secondly, it’s the year 2014. How many years ago were these religious scriptures written? And moreover, re-written? While I still hold faith in the religion I was raised with, this does not mean I have to believe in all its teachings. Many religious scriptures do ultimately contain words rooted in hate. It’s time to start thinking more present day, and realize that these scriptures written so many thousands of years ago do not necessarily hold true to life in 2014 and beyond.

If the letter writer whole-heartedly believes in such quotations as she cited, then she is just contributing to the hate and bigotry that is already such a huge problem in this world we are living in.




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