Letter: Little League failed by umpire, leadership

Little League failed by umpire, leadership

To the editor:

In a few recent Dalton-Hinsdale Little League games, a home plate umpire raised his voice in a tone of anger and rage at coaches and managers and advanced toward them, escalating the situation. Coaches and managers remained calm. Other parents and I were in shock at this umpire's behavior.

These events were witnessed by players (ages 9-12), parents and spectators. I filed a code of conduct complaint to Ben Melle (league president) and Dan McMahon (umpire-in-chief and CRA Director of Youth Services). The response was that the behavior of this umpire was acceptable. There was no further investigation or review of the complaint.

The parents who observed this umpire's behavior need to ask if they accept the behavior. If they don't, I suggest we need to change the league leadership next season as it does not value the code of conduct we all signed at the beginning of the year.

Joe Diver, Dalton


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