Letter: Logic test, 2016

Logic test, 2016

To the editor:

To ensure that only right-minded Americans choose our president, this year we must pass a logic test to be eligible to vote. Which of the following is logical? Multiple answers are possible.

— Most Muslims do not belong to al-Qaida or ISIS, so Islam is not responsible for Islamist terrorism.

— Most Germans were not Nazis, so Germany is not responsible for the Holocaust.

— Most Japanese did not bomb Pearl Harbor, so Japan was not responsible for the war in the Pacific.

— Most priests are not child molesters, so the Catholic Church is not accountable for pedophile priests.

— Most white Americans say racism is wrong, so racism is not a problem in America.

— Most Russians did not belong to the KGB, so communism did not create the gulag.

— Most gun owners are responsible adults, so guns don't kill people.

— Most smokers do not die of lung cancer, so smoking does not cause lung cancer.

— Most cops do not shoot unarmed people, so blacks are safe in America.

— Most people are law-abiding, so cops are a waste of money.

All tests will be graded Nov. 8.

Howard Clark, Washington


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