Letter: Loose dog peril in Kennedy Park


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It is time for enforcement of the leash laws in Lenox’s Kennedy Park. On April 19, the day before Easter, a family member and friend were enjoying a relaxing horseback ride in Kennedy Park when an unattended dog turned a peaceful expedition into a nightmare. The dog harassed the horses, frightening them to the point of throwing their riders. Both riders suffered serious injuries which will require months of healing and rehabilitation.

This entire tragedy could have been avoided if the owner of that dog had had it under control on a leash. I know that many times I have been jogging through that park and have been chased, jumped and nipped by uncontrolled dogs. Now two women have been seriously injured because of this negligence.

If people cannot abide by the leash laws, then dogs should be banned from Kennedy Park. Otherwise, the next accident could easily be a fatality.




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