Letter: Loss of St. Joseph shakes sense of normalcy

Loss of St. Joseph shakes sense of normalcy

To the editor:

It is with both anger and sadness I see that my alma mater, St. Joseph Central High School, is going to close after being an icon for over 100 years in Pittsfield. Much of the city's history is enveloped in stories of PHS-St. Joe sports rivalries.

I guess I saw it coming but didn't want to believe that as much of my city is changing for the worse that one thing I could always count on was knowing my little purple and gold high school would always be there, bringing a sense of normalcy and stability when I visit. No more. But of course the Springfield diocese can spend a lot of money in its own backyard. It's a disgrace.

Once a Joey always a Joey. That won't change. Nor will the memories of a happier time in a city that although changing I will always call home.

Diane Carey, Port Orange, Fla.


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