Letter: Lost dog reunited with owner


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

On Jan. 28, one of my client's dogs got out of the house and ran. We searched all night for him and the days following in the bitter cold and snow. That next Monday we called in Lost Pet Dog Trackers from Maine. They tracked him to a front lawn on Williams Street but the scent was lost. We continued with Facebook, called the dog officer, and posted fliers all around the neighborhood, and people were praying for him all over the country. We were becoming very discouraged as there had been no sightings.

Then on Saturday, Feb. 8, a miracle happened. He was found by the Lareau family on Williams Street. They kept hearing a little dog but couldn't find him and he was not consistent in his crying. On Saturday he cried loud enough for them to find him. He had been trapped under a wooden ramp at their house, frozen to the ground.

The kids crawled under the deck to get him out, and then brought him in the house to help get him warm, and called the police. He was brought to the emergency vet where he is recovering.

We just wanted to have the opportunity to thank all the people who took our fliers, prayed for him, helped us look for him, and were just compassionate and kind to us. But mostly to the wonderful Lareau family who did not give up on him and kept listening for his cries -- they saved him. They are truly a wonderful family and they were our angels! We truly live in a wonderful caring community.



The writer is the owner and operator of Pretty Paws.


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