Letter: Love gay children for who they are

To the editor:

In regard to recent discussion of the pros and cons of "conversion therapy" as a "cure" for homosexuality, being gay is not a choice any more than heterosexuality is. Both are hard-wired into the brain, just as right- and left-handedness are. In times past, teachers were told to force left-handed children to write with their right hand. The result was a lot of kids with a variety of educational, psychological and social problems. Fortunately, we now know better, and left-handed kids are allowed to be themselves.

To those parents who feel that their gay son or daughter is, according to their interpretation of Christianity, "evil" or a "sinner," I would like to ask, could any kind of "conversion therapy" change you from being heterosexual to homosexual? Probably not. But that is what you asking your child to do.

About 10 years ago, a DVD called "The Bible Tells Me So" came out. It featured real families with gay children and involved discussions with parents about how they felt about their children. Some of the stories were heart-wrenching, including that of a mother who was fiercely opposed to her daughter's homosexualityand let her know exactly how she felt. The daughter ended up committing suicide. If this DVD is still available I highly recommend it. I don't think that anyone, gay or straight, could watch this DVD and not be affected by it.

We need to love our children as they are, and not try to reshape them into what we think they should be. They are fragile. If we try to bend them, they may break. No child deserves that.

Martha King,



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