Letter: Low-income taxpayers earned break, not Beacon

Low-income taxpayers earned break, not Beacon

To the editor:

Now that Linda Tyer has been elected mayor by low-income taxpayers, she is picking up where the defeated ex-mayor left off. The people I talk to do not want to give the Beacon Cinema a tax break or a new school built in place of the old one. We wanted the old one repaired to save us taxpayers dollars — it should have been put on the ballot so we could turn it down.

I don't read in The Eagle the names of low-income taxpayers who want to give the Beacon a tax break. We want a tax break for supporting the city of Pittsfield all these years. We can't afford toys for the rich like a new baseball stadium, a new school, a new cinema so they can make money off us.

When General Electric left Pittsfield, so did 10,000 jobs. We are a retired community now, and the sooner you people realize it, the better off we low-income taxpayers are going to be.

The mayor has to be reminded of the low-income people here that are scraping for money just to pay for their medications to stay healthy and the taxpayers who are scraping for money to pay their taxes so they can keep their homes.

Anthony P. Litano, Pittsfield


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