Letter: Lying psychopath can't rule for four years

To the editor:

The new edition of Webster's dictionary is just out, and I could not help but notice that the latest definition of the word "truth" is "lie." Can you imagine a president of the United States lying over and over again to the American people who elected him?

If the tables were turned and Barack Obama was the new president, and he accused former President Trump of wiretapping him without a shred of evidence, impeachment proceedings would be well underway.

I just cannot see Trump completing his four-year term. Besides impeachment, there is the 25th Amendment to the Constitution where the vice president can assume the presidency if the current president is unable to fulfill the duties of the office. Unfortunately, Vice President Pence has also lied when he claimed not to know that former General Flynn was a foreign agent.

But the bar has been lowered, indeed it has crashed, for becoming president in the first place. And Pence hasn't lied as often as Trump. So a plain vanilla liar is a step up from an addicted liar. And if Pence won't do, there is always House Speaker Ryan waiting in the wings.

In any case, Trump has been a great embarrassment to the United States throughout the world. His latest unbelievable accusation is that the British, our oldest and closest ally, had our psychopathic president under surveillance on behalf of Obama. As I have said before, the man needs therapy, especially when you consider that Trump has his finger on the nuclear codes. Insanity and nuclear weapons should make us all feel warm and cozy.

Having destroyed the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Labor Department, etc., only to spend unimaginable taxpayer money on the military is abhorrent. And Trump and his aides' Russian connections (and collusion?) approaches high treason. Let's see if the investigations come to nothing and are swept under the rug. After all, lying is all about keeping what really happens from the American people.

What is most incredible to me is Trump's false ego. He, like the rest of us, comes into this world purely as a short-term tenant. Being a real estate man, he should know that better than most anyone else. Once the rental contract is up, it's over. How can the human condition produce such a shameless anomaly?

Charles Steinhacker,

Great Barrington


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