Letter: Make schools better for all, not a few

Make schools better for all, not a few

To the editor:

I have been reading about and thinking about the charter school decision on the Nov. 8 ballot for some time. Basic to my thinking is the fact that education of our children is the responsibility of the whole community.

Education is important to every one of us because you cannot have a democracy without an educated electorate. The question is how best to shoulder that responsibility.

So I was interested to read the Oct. 3 letter from Dianne M. Cutillo. She writes that the Berkshire Arts and Technology School (BART) offers students "a longer school year, a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, and small class sizes."

If these criteria make a difference in learning outcomes and graduation rates, why are they not available to all the students in Berkshire County? Or in all of Massachusetts? I do not understand why it is preferable to put public funds into the better education of a few children instead of improving the education of all.

I will vote "No" on Question 2.

Marilyn Rossier, Lee


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