Letter: Make voice heard on North Adams opioid issue

Make voice heard on North Adams opioid issue

To the editor:

On Monday, June 6, at 5:45 p.m., the Public Safety Committee of North Adams will meet in the City Council chambers to hold a hearing on a resolution calling for an inpatient opioid detox center and crisis stabilization beds in the city.

I urge anyone who feels there is a need to deal with this problem to come to the hearing. The nine city councilors are your voice. To ensure that your voice is heard, contact them. If the council is silent, no one will hear your voice.

This is a fight for every resident in Northern Berkshire. If you know someone who needs this service, speak for them.

We cannot allow this problem to continue, so please attend and speak up. We need to get this resolution out of committee and to the City Council as fast as we can. Enough studies have been done. Raise your voice, loud and clear.

Michael D. Wilber, North Adams


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