Letter: Many questions about NARH


Here are some questions and comments I have regarding the North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH) scheduled for Friday that was announced on Tuesday.

  • Who, if anybody "owns" the hospital?
  • Do members of the NARH Board of Directors receive any form of compensation?
  • How can the Board of Trustees close the hospital without proposing any succession plan like a 24/7 hour medical emergency business? This seems an awful lot like a cut and run decision, even if it was planned for months.
  • How soon will the Williamstown, North Adams, Adams ambulance services be getting a medical helicopter? Where will it be housed?
  • Why would any parents from outside the area want to send their children to Williams College or MCLA given that there is no nearby hospital?
  • This closing is way more devastating than the Sprague Electric closing.
  • I hope this vote of the Board of Trustees was not a ploy to play hardball and to bring the nurses union into submission for pay and benefit cuts.
  • Please list all the salaries of hospital administrative staff.
  • Is Williamstown Medical Associates in any danger of closing in the next five years? If not, what has it been doing right that the hospital cannot do?
  • Is the Southern Vermont (Bennington) Hospital planning on closing soon? If not, what has it been doing correctly?
  • Here is a listing of the NARH Board of Trustees from its website: Julia Bolton, Jane Allen, Ellen Bernstein, Chi Cheung, Jonathan Cluett, Stephen Fix, Bruce Grinnell, Richard Jette, Byron Sherman, Martha Storey, Susan Yates, William Frado Jr., Tim Jones.
  • There is also a long list of the Board of Corporators: www.nbhealth.org/NBH/167/Board-of-Corporators.html
  • Would an infusion/transfusion of major new blood on the Board of Directors have helped the hospital to be able to look outside the box? How about some sort of receivership?
  • Property values and school enrollment numbers will start plummeting in: 3, 2, 1 . . .
  • What will happen to NARH pensions, current and future?
  • If anyone has answers to ANY of these questions, please send them along. Once we get a few answers, there will be many more questions.




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