Letter: Many questions for BHRSD officials


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As someone who voted "no’’ on the Berkshire Hills Regional School District’s $56 million renovation project on Nov. 5, 2013, I have still not had a few important questions answered and don’t expect too many answers before the July 31, 2014, deadline.

Let’s just throw a few out there: Why haven’t the Southern Berkshire Regional School District and the BHRSD merged at this point? Why do tuition students pay less than district students? Why does Great Barrington have to pay for 70 percent of the Monument Mountain project when it doesn’t have 70 percent of the students? Why hasn’t the state increased the school choice money? It has been $5,000 per student since 1993.

Why is the district building a school for 40 percent more students than it has and will have 20 years down the road, or the present for that matter? Will classrooms even be needed a generation from now? Why build a greenhouse in the proposed project when the school is surrounded by so many natural resources like farms, mountains, forests, lakes, streams and yes, private greenhouses?

Please answer those questions, or at least attempt to before continuing the sales pitch at the BHRSD’s future "Speak-out" meetings.


Great Barrington


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