Letter: Many reasons why Trump should not be president

Many reasons why Trump should not be president

To the editor:

Cheers to Donald Trump! A wonderful father and successful businessman who gets tons of money donated to various charities and organizations.

However, despite these characteristics, I believe Trump is not fit to be elected as president for the following reasons:

Trump was unfaithful to his first wife, which by Republican standards should automatically disqualify him for seeking or being elected to the Oval Office.

Trump will not be able to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy should he somehow mismanage taxpayers' money.

Trump has no experience in foreign affairs, other than running Miss USA and perhaps getting it broadcast in other countries.

Trump lacks necessary skills in working for the public section where the bottom line is people as opposed to money.

Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" does not make sense. America is, has been and will always be great because of our struggles, challenges and willingness to overcome any obstacles through perseverance.

Trump believes 100 percent in the Second Amendment right to bear arms. However, he is neglectful in realizing that even those that do not have criminal records may not be morally responsible or mentally stable to own and carry a gun. Public safety overrules rights, including the First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Trump intends to seclude particular groups of immigrants by deeming them all criminals. America is a melting pot which began with a wave of immigrants: WASPs, Polish, Irish and Italians. In each group, some may have had a criminal mentality, but certainly not all. Trump seeks to isolate America by building walls and no bridges. As a leader of the free world, the president should not divide, but unite. Trump is full of so much poppycock — borrowing a word from the late Republican congressman of Pittsfield, Silvio O. Conte — and hot air, should anyone stick a pin in him, bye, bye, Trump!

Rebecca Taliaferro, Pittsfield


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