Letter: Many weaknesses in abortion defense


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am writing in response to Julia Kay-Grace’s overwrought "narrow views" diatribe against the pro-life movement, "Don’t impose narrow views on women" (letter, April 27).

First off, I would like to call attention to Ms. Kay-Grace’s assertion that Roe v. Wade struck down state laws against abortion for women who "needed" to terminate their pregnancies. Let me just say that the only case where a woman would "need" to terminate her pregnancy is if her pregnancy is life-threatening. There are other options out there. There are many families that would be most eager to adopt a child from a woman in a crises pregnancy and there are also pregnancy help centers out there to help young mothers with practical concerns should they keep their child. A woman "needing" to have an abortion is for all intents and purposes a contradiction in terms.

Next, Ms. Kay-Grace wonders how some can protest against abortion given the birth of her daughter and grandchild. I am not sure how those two births negate the carnage done to the 56 million who were killed before birth since Roe v Wade, but as a pro-lifer I will be the first to rejoice at the conception of those new lives.

Then Ms. Kay-Grace says that she is "appalled" when pro-lifers claim to be concerned about the well-being and mental health of women who undergo abortions, yet it is pro-life pregnancy help centers, not pro-abortion firebrands such as herself, that are actually offering practical assistance to women in crises pregnancies. She also doesn’t seem to be too appalled when Plan-
ned Parenthood claims to be concerned about the well-being and mental health of women who come to them for abortions even though there are multiple documented cases of them failing to report cases of rape and sex-trafficking.

In conclusion I look forward to the day when I see Ms. Kay-Grace’s unambiguous support for the no-cost provision of chastity education for our next generation of young women and broad advertisement of adoption services and the service provided by pregnancy help centers. Given her obvious concern for the rights of women I think that we can also anticipate her support of the conviction of abortionists who kill female babies.




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