Letter: March on Washington and demand to be heard

March on Washington and demand to be heard

To the editor:

What we need is a massive march on Washington, D.C. to wake up the greedy politicians. A march such as the one by Martin Luther King Jr., only much larger.

A list of grievances could be as follows:

* The perks that members of Congress get.

* The greed of the drug companies.

* The greed of Wall Street.

* The rich not paying their fair share of taxes.

* Failure to treat our military veterans fairly.

* The influence of lobbyists in Congress.

* The reduction of food stamps provided for the nation's needy.

* The continuing plight of the homeless.

* Whatever else others feel needs to be addressed.

I do not know who could lead such a march but it is about time that the American people were heard.

Phil Prew, Pittsfield


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