Letter: Mason will restore decorum to board


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Over the course of the last 45 years, I have always participated in town government, boards, commissions and activities wherever I resided. In general, those associations were positive, congenial, educative, and effectively filled with good outcomes that served the community and the taxpayers well.

Those results came from the spirit of cooperation built through respectful discourse and compromise. But I must say in the last year that has not been the case in Hinsdale. The effectiveness of discussion has been constantly derailed and distracted by so much disruptive behavior that holding a meeting has become difficult if not, at times, impossible. The rowdy, disrespectful behavior by some citizens has made the atmosphere unreceptive to any possible open expression of ideas.

Good government requires people to volunteer without hesitancy to serve their town. Hinsdale's current political climate discourages residents from participating at any level.

Select Board candidate Vivian Mason is the type of person who will work to bring order and decorum to the board. She has prior experience having served three terms as a selectperson in Dalton and she understands the value of full discussion of issues with an open view allowing all aspects of a proposal to be fully vetted.

Her opponent, however, has acted in a disinterested manner over the past year at Select Board meetings and did not attend combined Finance Committee/Select Board meetings to prepare the fiscal 2015 budget. He is also the person whose pickup truck recently displayed a bumper sticker proclaiming small town inhabitants to be -- well let's just say a derogatory part of human anatomy. Certainly not a very progressive or positive approach.

Vivian, in my conversations with her, is intelligent, engaging and has proven that her prior experience has provided her with a wealth of knowledge about municipal budgets, spending requirements, meeting conduct and state regulations pertaining to town operations.

It's time to make Hinsdale town government effective and fully functional again. Come to the annual town meeting on Wednesday and be sure to vote in the town elections on Saturday. Vote for Vivian Mason for Select Board.




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