Letter: Mass murderers aren't protected by Second Amendment

Mass murderers aren't protected by 2nd Amend.

To the editor:

I respect Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy's involvement in a filibuster to lament the victims of Orlando and to protest the sale of semi-automatic weapons to someone formerly investigated for suspected terrorist involvement. Government agencies are charged with monitoring the movements of suspected terrorists, yet these same suspects legally buy artillery of mass destruction. Is Congress done praying in silence, a silence so palpable and deafening regarding the use of artillery, that the voices of the victims' family and friends plus public outrage is muted?

How is it that with mass media, mass communication, and mass surveillance we still have mass murderers? Can everyone old enough to pull a trigger differentiate between right and wrong and how is it that those with wrong intentions have the right to access lethal weapons without question, or a background check?

Critics of a universal background check and the gun lobby may insinuate that the mentally ill or video games cause gun violence. Is it generally the mentally ill or video games that cause gun rampages and merciless killings? Or is it rather those with unassailable access to assault weapons who go on fatal rampages which are becoming more and more frequent and which result in irreversible, tragic consequences?

Those with the power to monitor criminal and terrorist activities can do more to prevent shooting rampages. Regarding lenient or absent gun legislation, gone are the excuses for allowing unlimited access to assault weapons without a universal background check. We saw in Orlando one more of many instances of the bloody end result of lax gun laws combined with evil intent.

Also troubling is the gun lobby, which puts profits over our inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which includes a sense of personal safety. We must not allow the gun industry to threaten our sense of safety while they execute justice. Likewise, our elected officials in Congress have the responsibility to pass common sense laws limiting access to individuals investigated by government agencies for terrorist affiliation.

It's time that Congress acts to promote a ban on buying, selling, or owning high capacity multiple round artillery before those with wrong intentions access more lethal weapons without a background check, and more bloodshed occurs at the hands of these ruthless terrorists. Have Second Amendment rights been expanded without our knowledge to include in the category of a well-regulated militia a would-be terrorist already under governmental scrutiny? We can no longer postpone public safety.

J.M. Dumas, Hinsdale


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