Letter: Maybe stoning will work better


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Another botched execution using chemical protocols calls for revisiting the way we execute those condemned to death in states that still practice the death penalty. The so called "chemical executions" have failed pretty miserably and dramatically. One wonders why the protocols devised by Dr. Kevorkian, (Dr. Death), are not being considered.

From all reports, at the time he was practicing his methodology, death came, to those terminal patients who sought him out, quite painlessly and without the botched results we have seen in, at least, the last three experiments with chemical protocols. Perhaps it is time to read the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments. After all, there are many calls, particularly from those on the extreme right of our politics, who are beside themselves at the lack of reliance on the wisdom in the Old and New Testaments: see, for example, Numbers 15:32-36.

Why not use stoning to death as a substitute for these fancy chemical protocols? It will probably be quite easy and inexpensive to import "execution stones" from the Middle East, all that is required is a solid, well-shaped stone and a strong arm; advanced degrees in pharmacology are not needed. A stoning execution will no doubt not take two-plus hours of writhing and suffering -- one good hurled stone might do the job quite well in a matter of seconds.

We can even dignify the process by having the "stoner(s)" dress in white medical jackets or if you prefer, black coats and hoods. In this current climate of fiscal responsibility, we can eliminate the need for "death cocktails" and the associated costs of finding the appropriate combination and synthesis of potent chemicals that are unregulated in our country. Stones are readily available; if you don’t want to import them just pick them up, for example, from our deteriorating infrastructure: potholes and bridge foundations.

I must say that importing execution stones casts an aura of dignity to the process. Of course, the obvious alternative is to stop all executions and do away with the death penalty altogether. We are surely better than this.


Great Barrington


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