Letter: Mayor a spectator to North Adams' demise

Mayor a spectator to North Adams' demise

To the editor:

I read with sadness the item on The Eagle's Facebook feed about the spire of the St. Francis of Assisi Church being scheduled for demolition. This steeple is part of North Adams's iconic skyline, and I am shocked that the powers-that-be in the city were not able to foresee this and do something to prevent its demise.

As a resident of Williamstown, I have been repeatedly dismayed by North Adams Mayor Richard Alcombright's passivity in the face of challenges to his city and the towns, like Williamstown, that depend upon a thriving North Adams as an anchor for services and commerce in North Berkshire. There are thousands of citizens beyond the North Adams city limits who rely on responsible stewardship of North Berkshire's largest municipality.

The North Adams Regional Hospital closed on three days' notice in 2014. The Price Chopper supermarket on State Road closed earlier this year, leaving many low-income residents of the city without ready access to a grocery store. Now, a beautiful, signature North Adams building is slated for destruction. Mr. Alcombright has been in office during all of these events.

Richard Alcombright seems to be nothing more than a spectator to the slow-motion catastrophe unfolding in his city and region. Protecting his citizens and those who rely on North Adams in the surrounding towns is apparently beyond Mr. Alcombright's capabilities. He should resign and let someone willing to fight for us step in.

Steve Dew, Williamstown


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