Letter: Mayor is bringing North Adams to ruin

Mayor is bringing North Adams to ruin

To the editor:

One of the reasons why the Alcombright administration is a complete failure is his lack of appreciation of the importance of a qualified health inspector. A disagreement with the mayor led a conscientious and knowledgeable guy to resign.

Where are the jobs he promised? Where is the economic development? Why are streets not being maintained? There are potholes all over the city and the mayor cannot blame them on the frost and snowplowing this year. Incompetence is the answer. The mayor takes care of the streets in his neighborhood, around MCLA and MoCA, which pays little or no taxes. All while our residential neighborhoods are neglected. The City Council provides no representatives for homeowners or the average taxpayer.

Houses are up for sale, our population drops, with a high unemployment rate and a high number of underemployed. Teenage pregnancy is a problem as are heroin addiction and substance abuse. Why? A total lack of leadership by Mayor Alcombright.

The mayor single-handedly drove Heritage Park into the ground, driving out tenants and throwing a monkey wrench into the expanded Rite Aid development. Main Street is in sad shape. Where is the trolley to encourage tourists to come to downtown? The scenic railroad is a joke. Three junk yards, the backside of empty industrial buildings, peeks at the Hoosic River, Specialty Mineral stilling ponds, and the backs of many uncared-for yards and dilapidated houses. If this is scenic, I will eat my Trump hat.

Fewer services, increased taxes and fees, all while Alcombright fails to control his bad spending habits. He has given out large tax breaks to rich investors at the expense of the public, an example being the Cariddi Mill.

This is not the same city I grew up in. If we get rid of those running our city, maybe it will return to a place we can all be proud of.

Robert Cardimino, North Adams


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