Letter: McCain should look in mirror before playing blame game

McCain should look in mirror before playing blame game

To the editor:

I would like to remind Sen. John S. McCain, senator from Arizona, that the whole fiasco in the Mideast — Taliban, ISIS and the deterioration to what we are dealing with today — is the work of President George W. Bush and the Republican administration of which the senator was a part — a big part. Has he forgotten that he was highly in favor of invading Iraq and voted to do so? How can he accuse President Obama of culpability in the Orlando massacre when his culpability is so much greater, having been part and parcel of the grossly ill-advised decision to put our troops in Iraq in the first place? To the best of my knowledge, he has never expressed regret for doing so.

The loss of 49 lives in Orlando is more than a tragedy. But the loss of 4,488 U.S. service men and women in Iraq and the wounding of 32,000 plus others, not to mention the death and maiming of thousands of civilians, are on his résumé and cannot be ignored.

Regardless of his implausible walk-back, the senator's politicizing of the tragedy in Orlando was beneath his dignity. Sad to say, it makes him no better than Donald Trump in this regard.

Charles I. Francis, Becket


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