Letter: Mcmansion carnage in Lenox


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Ah, the exhilaration of change on Pinecroft Drive! Displaced wildlife, annihilation of existing forestation, noise pollution, construction of unseemly style houses and the list goes on and on! That last two, totally frivolous mcmansions, are vigorously under construction. As I peer out of my kitchen window and view the carnage, I lament what was once there!

Out strolling with my friend Sally, she expressed total shock and horror at what lay before her eyes! She said a few "dirty words" and then she cried! My neighbor Pat, will now have two enormous houses, obliterating her long-time family home.

What I don’t understand is the footprint of these homes. They nearly cover the entire property, which means that you have your "new neighbors" very close! Why not build on a mountain top overlook or deep in the secluded woods? Must be those locations are just not close enough to the venerated Canyon Ranch retreat!

One can only hope that a conversation I had with the landscape architect on site, moves quickly to fruition. I quote, "In 18 months you won’t even see any of these." Use a lot of fertilizer!




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