Letter: Media false equivalency understates Trump danger

Media false equivalency understates Trump danger

To the editor:

In response to the Sept. 8 Berkshire Eagle editorial "Lauer exposes national media's Trump problem," by equating problems posed by Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton's as proportional in seriousness, the media misses the danger of a Trump presidency.

In the recent national security forum, Lauer grilled Clinton on her emails which at worst were sloppy practice. But the existential threat of a President Trump having the ultimate decision about whether to launch a nuclear missiles, a man who has a short fuse and little understanding of foreign affairs, is being ignored.

It's worth reading a March 5 New York Times op-ed by Nicholas Kristof in which he says: "Is there any scarier nightmare than President Donald J. Trump in a tense international crisis, indignant and impatient, with his sweaty finger on the nuclear trigger? ... A starting point is Trump's remarkable ignorance about international affairs."

The media must finally stand up and do its job, to uncover the real news, not to entertain people with his attention-getting outrageous statements, only to sell papers, the bottom line of commercial media. This is not an inconsequential game they're playing.

Ronald Kaprov, Stockbridge


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