Letter: Media perform service in citing Clinton mistakes

Media perform service in citing Clinton mistakes

To the editor:

I am beginning to believe that the mainstream media is trying very hard to see that Mrs. Bill Clinton is to become the next president of the United States. What I am confused about is this a positive endorsement or is the media setting her up for a tremendous fall?

I got to hand it to you clever media people if the latter is the case. I'm not sure if you're taking notes from Donald Trump or if he is learning from you. You are always including in your endorsements of Mrs. Bill Clinton some of the mistakes she and her husband have made.

There is usually a mention of a private server she had set up to conduct highly classified and very sensitive State Department business and how that was a mistake. Or how deleting how many of thousand e-mails from that server was a mistake. The Democratic National Committee presidential nomination manipulation was another mistake.

The mainstream media will also mention as a mistake Mr. and Mrs. Clinton's involvement with The Clinton Foundation. Yes, that is something we wouldn't want a U.S. president to be tangled up in. It would look bad knowing that foreign countries make multi-million dollar donations to it. I also find a mention or two of the scandals as you call them that Bill Clinton was involved in while he was POTUS. And then you ask, "How could these mistakes have been made?"

How doesn't matter really. These mistakes have been going on for some time now and I really think the media is doing almost as good of a job throwing out little hints as the Republican nominee for president, Trump has been discussing some very real issues that concern the average Joe and Jane.

So thank you, mainstream media. We get the hint because you bring these mistakes up in your every endorsement. Please feel free to elaborate more on these mistakes because these are very important issues.

John E. Scarpa, Lee


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