Letter: Men in ladies' room is a complete non-issue

Men in ladies' room is a complete non-issue

To the editor:

In the "debate" that surrounds transgender people using the rest room that they identify with, I've heard a handful of women declare that nobody asked us women how we feel about "men using the women's room." Well, nobody asked because nobody needs to ask, and I — a woman — am going to tell you why.

Transwomen in women's bathrooms are not men. If they were men, they would identify as men, but because they do not, they are not men.

But just in case you're still worried that this bill allows men to come into the women's bathroom and do a number of illegal things, here's what you can do: stop worrying.

Police officials have gone on record in 13 states as saying these bathroom ordinances do not increase the likelihood of crime. Studies have shown that most sexual crimes don't even occur in public rest rooms. They occur in places the victim is familiar with, by someone that they know personally.

So this problem really is not a problem. Men standing outside a bar bathroom in order to try to pick up women, or standing in the way so that when we ask them to move they act like it's an invitation for a conversation, are problems. So is opening a bathroom door because they think it's funny to peek in and make comments about us doing our hair/makeup.

Basically, any immature and entitled action that does not respect a woman's need to use the rest room in peace is far more of a problem than this imagined misuse of a bathroom ordinance.

We need women-love now more than ever, and this idea that cisgender women are afraid of transwomen in rest rooms is just silly and ignorant. If you see a woman who is unsure about using a public rest room, or if they're being harassed for just trying to use a rest room, be a good wingwoman and help her out. If women don't stick up for other women, then who will?

Mary Redstone, North Adams


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