Letter: Mets, and their fans, will not be down long

Mets, and their fans, will not be down long

To the editor:

The great Mets run of 2015 is over and the uninformed are left to wonder if the season was a success.

The relationship between a fan base and a professional sports team is varied and complex. Hesitantly, speaking for the faction that has been there from the start, I cautiously generalize about those early days at Shea and the men, women, and children who consciously elected to follow the orange and blue. They hailed from the outer boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island arriving at Willets Point on the screeching 7 train; they battled traffic and drove in from Nassau and Suffolk on the Island.

The most storied accomplished baseball franchise was already firmly established up in the Bronx. But the establishment, and by extension the Manhattan elite, was not for immigrant bar owners, first generation city sanitation workers, and a collection of diverse folks with chips on their shoulders as big as the Queensboro Bridge.

The miracle of 1969 cemented the connection between a team and a people that never stopped believing for a split second that they had a puncher's chance in life. Always trusting they could catch lightening in a bottle. the Mets fan base, built on a foundation of blue collar workers recognizing their first best option was to bet on themselves, knows success can only be foiled when you don't get back up.

Thomas Canning Alford


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