Letter: Michael Bloomberg keeps politics positive

Michael Bloomberg keeps politics positive

To the editor

I have always been active in politics over the years, whether it was as an early member of WHEN (Women Helping Empower Neighborhoods) or through conversations with the many people who have walked through the doors at our restaurant, Teddy's Pizza, which has been open for more than 40 years.

Being right next to Pittsfield High School, I meet hundreds of young adults every year, athletes, actors and actresses, you name it. One young man I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 12 years is Michael Bloomberg, who is now running for state representative in Pittsfield.

I'm writing this letter because I recently read online, and in the newspaper, some people saying that Michael hasn't been involved in the community before. I couldn't believe it. That is just nasty politics and couldn't be further from the truth.

This young man has been involved with local politics since he was 14-years-old! He helped run a campaign for state Senate when he was 16, was a member of the County Democratic Organization, president of the Pittsfield Youth Commission, member of Rotary Interact, and I am sure much more that I can't remember.

Over the years, even as he went off to college and then to work in New York City, he has always stayed involved in local politics. I can always count on him to walk me through the issues of our city, listen to my concerns, and help find solutions.

But my favorite thing about Michael, and why I encourage all of you to vote for him on Sept. 8, is that he always stays positive.

Susan Bilis, Pittsfield


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