Letter: Miraval plan personifies progress Berkshires need

Miraval plan personifies, progress county needs

To the editor:

As the owners of a small business in Stockbridge, my wife and I are both fascinated and distressed by the controversy surrounding the potential sale of Cranwell to the Miraval group.

We are shop owners who work extremely hard to make a decent living here in the Berkshires. We read these often negative letters which almost always come from grumpy people, complaining about perceived damages which have not happened yet, and who are against just about anything that smacks of progress or growth. These are folks who somehow think that now that they are here, no one else can do anything so daring as to move here, start or improve a business, create jobs, or invest in the Berkshires.

There are many working people here who desire to make a good life for their families and themselves, and to help the Berkshires grow. We are interested in supporting a vital economy that has a wonderful present and future as an arts, cultural, travel, and entrepreneurial destination. This means jobs for plumbers, landscapers, electricians, IT specialists, teachers, writers, hospitality managers, and myriad other people who will happily come to live here if opportunities are available. Our economy is simply not sustainable without growth, especially this kind of clean growth that so obviously fits in with the vibe and focus of our area.

This is a wonderful step forward for Cranwell. For what it's worth, my wife is a very happy member of the spa there, and is greatly looking forward to the new facilities and programming. We find the costs reasonable and are quite comfortable that they will remain so for locals.

Miraval's plans are terrific if only a part of the vision of the owners is realized, much less the entire set of plans. We truly look forward to having this facility available.

I would like to make it clear that my comments are personal, and in no way are written on behalf of any institution or board on which I serve.

We heartily encourage the town of Lenox to move forward at the earliest possible chance to approve the Miraval plan. We cannot let the voices of small minorities of naysayers drown out the rest of us, or hold back our town or the Berkshires. These are vital issues and our future is at stake.

Phil Coleman, Lenox


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