Letter: Money for nothing in BHRSD


One of Massachusetts' mottos is from a ‘70s Bachman Turner Overdrive song, "We love to work at nothing all day."

At a Berkshire Hills Regional School District brainwashing session held at Hevreh on Jan. 22, it was pointed out that if the BHRSD did not go through with the $56 million Monument Mountain High School Renovation Project, it might end up on a seven year waiting list because there are about 300 school projects presented to the state every year. So far the BHRSD has admitted spending over $700,000 on the project, and that doesn't include the hours spent by the district pushing paperwork around to different departments, consultants, lawyers, architects, engineers, experts, state and federal officials, and more.

Another point made at the different seminars and School Committee meetings was only 7 percent of projects are approved, so it is very hard to get a school project from the commonwealth. It also means 93 percent of projects either fail muster or are turned down, and each of these districts, cities or towns lose about $700,000, thousands of hours of time and school cost that could be used on the children's education. That comes up to about $195 million in lost causes or over three real school renovation projects. One way to keep the bureaucrats busy at doing nothing all day long.

And we haven't even touched the $3.6 million Great Barrington Main Street project that is up to around $5.4 million, or why there is a little used Berkshire County Register of Deeds office in the Town Hall.

So sing along with the Massachusetts bureaucrats, "Take good care of my business when I'm away every day -- whoo!"


Great Barrington


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