Letter: Monsanto still poisoning planet


The Monsanto Company would have you believe that it is public-minded and only trying to keep the world fed. Its seeds, fertilizer, and insecticides are changing the environment. Not only is there a negative impact affecting the Earth, but Monsanto is very active in changing laws so as to have an exclusive on what seed goes to the marketplace.

This company has the audacity to state its modified seeds are safe for human consumption. It is also adamant about the safety of Agent Orange. Ask a Vietnam veteran like myself what he/she thinks of Agent Orange. Ask the children of those contaminated veterans what they think of Monsanto's credibility.

On Facebook a picture can be found of a Monsanto product, a bag of seed processed in India. On that bag of seed are the words "Seeds treated with poison. Don't use for food ...." Agent Orange and derivatives thereof, are being used in this country.




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