Letter: More police training is necessary


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As a husband, father and local resident, I was happy to read in Saturday’s Eagle that a few county police departments were training for a real-life scenario. With all of the bad in the Berkshires today; the constant flow of narcotics, break-ins, murders, and the active shooter scenario, when you call 911, a life could depend on the person who shows up. Due to our remote location you don’t have time to wait for SWAT.

Going to the shooting range twice a year isn’t going to cut it. It is about the mental and physical toughness of the officers that only can come from constant training, such as using simulation rounds and making house entries.

Budgets get blamed for the lack of training, but this is no excuse with all the useless spending in today’s towns and plenty of vacant buildings that are perfect for training. This type of training for our officers and the protection of the residents needs to become the norm in today’s Berkshires!




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