Letter: Morneau best choice for Governor's Council

Morneau best choice for Governor's Council

To the editor:

With all the attention on the state representative race in the Sept. 8 primary, it is understandable that there is less focus on the contested seat on the Governor's Council here in Western Massachusetts. But there's a lot at stake: The statewide Council has the final say in all appointments for state judges and court clerk-magistrates, as well as criminal pardons.

We here in Western Massachusetts can cast a vote for Jeff Morneau, a truly progressive candidate running in our District 8. Jeff is endorsed by Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts and offers a fresh, enlightened approach to the important issues that come before the Council. We need to elect a councilor who reflects our values, listens to constituents, and votes accordingly.

Jeff, who has 18 years of legal experience, is running for Governor's Council because he knows that judges play a crucial role in our community and in the lives of every individual who comes before them. Jeff believes we need compassionate judges who are selected on the basis of merit, not on political connections, favors or patronage.

The Governor's Council also helps choose members of the parole board, the boards that oversee workers compensation, the industrial accident board, the appellate tax board, and appointments such as notaries and justices of the peace. These are important responsibilities.

Democratic and unenrolled (independent) voters — please remember to choose Jeff Morneau for Governor's Council in the Thursday, Sept. 8, primary.

Mary Palmer, Lee The writer is a member of the Democratic State Committee and a member of the Berkshire Brigades.


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