Letter: Mother Nature will best tower again


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The Mount Greylock Reservation has been in my family life since a monument was first proposed in the late 1920s. My father, the late Arthur Palme, was a Greylock commissioner then and was fiercely opposed to the then-proposed granite monument because, as he saw it, it would not withstand the Siberian winters that are common on that summit. He opted, instead, for an open framework (not unlike the Eiffel Tower) which would last longer than an enclosed structure.

Time has proven him correct, because three separate attempts have been made over the years to "correct" the moisture problem, and all have failed.

Now we are faced with another "correction" (Eagle, Aug. 24.) It may have great appeal, but in my mind Mother Nature will prevail and in another 35 years or so we will be faced with this same problem. I will not be here to see it, but mark my words, it will happen!


Mill River


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