Letter: Mount experience is much more than a house

Mount experience is more than a house

To the editor:

I'm writing to share my Wednesday adventure at the Mount in Lenox.

Susan Wissler, executive director, and Ed Neumuth, former president of the Hoffman Bird Club, arranged a bird walk. Neumuth announced we may not see much. Birds, he explained, don't enjoy strong winds and cold.

Nevertheless, we set off through a woodland path, edging past the manicured garden. Despite the weather, we heard a variety of birds, including a chipping sparrow, peewee, gray-crested fly catcher, catbird and the inevitable house finches.

Wissler explained the deer fences were removed so that walking paths could be extended through the woods and wetlands. The extension of these paths allows visitors opportunities for the full enjoyment of the property as well as exploring the rich natural habitats. Not only did we identify 44 species of birds but a variety of ferns and wild orchids.

The paths created by Wissler and her team add a new Mount experience. Now the Mount offers so much more than a house visit. There's something here for everyone. I encourage Eagle readers to explore all the Mount has to offer. It's more than just a house. It's a destination.

Annie Rye, Lenox


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