Letter: Move the roadblocks to more solar power

Move the roadblocks to more solar power

To the editor:

There's no question that global warming is already having an impact on our community. Extreme weather events like last winter's snowstorms and this year's frequent tornadoes and flooding are becoming more frequent and more severe. We need to move as quickly as possible to reduce global warming pollution and repower Massachusetts with 100 percent clean energy.

I put 18 panels in my horse pasture and have produced nearly 8,000 kw/hrs. in just over a year, all without producing any of the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels. So why have state officials allowed utility companies to stand in the way of solar power for nearly a year?

Last March, we hit the cap on a critical solar program known as net metering, preventing families and businesses across the state from switching to solar power. We're missing out on opportunities to expand clean, local energy in Massachusetts.

A year is too long to wait. I urge state and local leaders to fight for immediate action to expand solar power and ensure that the benefits of solar are available to all.

Judith E. Embry, Florida


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