Letter: MSPCA is wrong, this is abuse


I have a neighbor who left the country for a couple months in January. She asked me to just keep an eye out for her house. All was quiet until this past week. A vehicle showed up and was left in the road and tagged for towing. Two days after tagging (five days after the vehicle was left) we noticed animal control there. They came to my door to ask if I knew the owner and had a key. There is a dog living there alone. MSPCA claims there is no serious matter if the dog has food and water!

The owner claims he works third shift and shows up when we are asleep. If you work third shift you should be home during the day. I am a homemaker. I am here all day and night. He showed up because animal control called him and he had no idea his truck had been towed! But nobody was there the next day.

That poor dog is living alone! I am sick over this. I am trying to make people aware of the situation. Please help this baby! She has no voice.




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