Letter: Much-mocked voters deserve a little credit

Much-mocked voters deserve some credit

To the editor:

Is it possible that I am the only Eagle subscriber who feels that the Washington establishment of both parties are shaking in their shoes and spending millions of dollars to stop the efforts of the frontrunner of the Republican party? Any person with even half a brain must realize that the corruption they are trying to conceal is so immense that they are willing to risk losing the election to Hillary in order to prevent exposure of their misdeeds.

Not only are voters hearing words of the frontrunner grossly twisted by the news media, but we have to endure letters to the editor from educated fools who accuse the electorate of being "rabble" and "uneducated" or being incapable of choosing a nominee.

So I guess most of us readers are socially inferior and so dumb that we can't see through the rantings of a conceited bigot. As for the appraisal of Mr. Trump as being jingoistic, that is a compliment to him and the rest of us lowlifes who are also extremely patriotic.

Arthur F. Smith, North Adams


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