Letter: NARH was there, good times and sad


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I read about the closing of the North Adams Regional Hospital with sadness and great concern. I lived in North Adams until I married Bill in 1946 and moved to his home town, Williamstown. I will be 90-years-old in May. Let me tell you about my family’s relationship with the hospital.

In her later years, my Aunt Rhoda worked evenings on the switchboard in the original hospital. Those were the days of the Clark House or Nurses’ Home, which is now a part of the Ambulatory Care Building. After her shift ended, she would go to a room that was provided for her at the Clark House.

My father died there in 1949, sitting in a chair reading to my sister, who was a patient. He had walked to the hospital from Freeman Avenue, and earlier in the day he had walked to and from Brown Street, where he worked at the gas company. Everyone at the hospital was very concerned about the rest of his children at home.

Our children were born there. Our long-awaited first child was born there in 1957. Billy was a beautiful auburn-haired baby. I spent my 33rd birthday in the hospital. Many people stopped by my room to say: "Mrs. Northup are you really 33 and just delivered your first child?" We were so happy, and everyone at the hospital treated us like family.

Three years later, we were again the talk of the hospital when Susan was born with her curly bright red hair! The nurses kept a ribbon in it.

Again, the miracle of birth was made even happier because of the nurses and staff of the hospital. Our granddaughter, Nicole, another curly-haired redhead and another great blessing, was lovingly cared for when she was born at the North Adams Regional Hospital

My husband died in the emergency room. Dr. Rodriguez kept him alive, when we knew it was time for him to go. When he peacefully went, the doctor showed great compassion.

I can’t say enough about the care I have received in recent years.

The nurses and staff at the North Adams Regional Hospital are dedicated and lovingly cared for us. Now it’s time for us to do all we can to care for them.




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