Letter: Neal must step up for his constituents

Neal must step up for his constituents

To the editor:

It's concerning to me that The Eagle found that Rep. Richard Neal has been "catering to the specific interests of wealthy companies," especially given his unique role on Capitol Hill ("Our Opinion: Neal efforts are too tailored to corporate giants," Jan. 7).

Rep. Neal is a senior Democrat on the tax writing committee in the House of Representatives. That means he has more ability than most other Democrats in Congress to help make sure tax policy works for regular people here in Western Massachusetts, and not just corporate lobbyists in D.C.

Over the last two years, 80 percent of Rep. Neal's campaign funds have come from political action committees, by far the largest share of any member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation. Neal seems to have plenty of time for his corporate donors but since becoming my congressman, he has held no district office hours or had any tele-town halls for constituents to have face time.

From Apple's famous tax-dodging recently featured on "60 Minutes," to Pfizer's plan to desert the U.S. for tax purposes by changing its address to a tax haven, I am sick of hearing about how the tax system is rigged on behalf of the biggest companies in the world.

It's time for Rep. Neal to use his unique role to start standing up for us.

Matt L. Barron, Chesterfield


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