Letter: Negative spin won't dim Clinton's achievements

Negative spin won't dim Clintons' achievements

To the editor:

Usually two things weigh heavily on my mind — the poor quality of life for so many innocent children and the way we treat our veterans. But currently I am deeply concerned with the way the political process is playing out.

We have six months to scrutinize and decide who should be our next president. Hopefully, our decisions will be based on the true merits of the candidates.

I just watched Wolf Blitzer on CNN and a Trump spokesperson, a young woman named Katrina Pearson, made a statement regarding "those who want Donald Trump to be president" or those who "are against America." Such nonsense should be taken for what it is.

When you hear commentators mention the word "spin," they are referring to comments such as this that are meant to plant a thought in the listener's mind. In other words, Ms. Pearson was implying that those who don't vote for Donald Trump don't love America.

There are many occasions of spin on all of the political programs and they're not hard to recognize once you know what to look for. A few months ago, Bernie Sanders said at one of his rallies, "I don't care what horrible things Bill Clinton did," thus reminding voters of what some perceive as a negative in the Clinton campaign. It was just a little snippet dropped to make people think of the negative and draw attention away from all the positive attributes of Hillary Clinton.

If we look at the political side of the Clinton family, their experience and what they have been able to achieve, we have to realize how lucky we are to have Hillary Clinton as a candidate. I look forward to the Clinton-Trump debates with relish.

Connie Dillon Yannone, Pittsfield


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