Letter: Neighborly thing to do by dog owners


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

This is an appeal to all dog owners who live in any tightly settled neighborhood. Please be more conscientious of the people who live so closely around you.

I recognize most dog owners make a conscience effort to be considerate of other people’s peace and quiet. Some do not. Some may think they are, but are not. If you let your dog out into your yard to do its business -- stay in attendance. If you go back inside and wait for the dog to start barking when it’s finished, the neighborhood will be disturbed by the barking dog many minutes before you get to it to let it in.

Putting the dog out in the yard unattended all day -- sometimes all night -- is not usually in the best interest of the neighborhood or even possibly the dog. Your dog is going to bark looking for attention at random times all day -- kids on their bikes, neighbors pulling into their driveways or mowing their lawns, people out walking their dogs -- you get the picture. Chances are the neighborhood will be disturbed long before you are if you are inside your home, if you even hear the barking at all.

It is most definitely not considerate to others in the neighborhood, or the dog, when you leave your dog outside when you are not home, even while just running an errand. There is a pretty good chance your dog will bark at some point when you are not around, never mind its verbal exuberance when you return.

The rest of the neighborhood will appreciate your consideration and conscious effort to keep your dog quiet and inside unless you are directly attending to or interacting with it. It’s the neighborly thing to do.




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