Letter: New Jersey governor’s warped definition of fairness


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I listened as Gov. Christie justified his robbing of the New Jersey state pension plans to try and find financial stability in New Jersey. He said he thought it would be fair that state employees share in the problem like everyone else who was suffering financially.

State employees do not have a choice about investing in a state pension plan. They must put aside their money in a state pension. And these funds are not safe when they can be taken like Gov. Christie did in New Jersey. Who in their right mind would sign such an investment contract?

But they have no choice and the state budget can therefore be balanced on the backs of state workers. The governor can’t take other investments from people. It’s like we all become poor and then look around to see who we can rob.

Perhaps the state employees should have a choice like everyone else as to how to invest their hard earned money and not make them invest in a state system that has such poor outcomes.

And as Christie seems to believe is important, make it fair.




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