Letter: No case for school renovation


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Rather than taking up all the speaking time at a public meeting to find out why one of the voters of Great Barrington voted against the Berkshire Hills Regional District high school renovation project, I’ll just list my reasons here.

First I must give credit to Karen Smith for trying to get the project approved.

1. I’m tired of being told that if we don’t approve the project we could lose the funding. It seems that were being told that if we lose the funding we’ll have to pay for all if ourselves. We don’t have to complete the project at all.

2. Knowing the state will pay for half it does not mean that the other half will come from heaven. That money comes from taxpayers as well.

3. Why after all these years of the American Disabilities Act being in effect, are the officials now demanding that the facilities be changed?

4. If a boiler is needed to heat the school, then it should be purchased. I do hope it doesn’t cost $56 million. The building committee has mentioned increasing the tuition rate. Though that would help, the state, not the local school district, determines how much school choice students pay.

5. Now that the South Berkshire Educational Collaborative has closed its doors, it is not the duty of the taxpayers of Great Barrington to pay for a new technology program for the other three neighboring school districts.

6. Most important, before any vote is taken again, a serious discussion with the Southern Berkshire Regional School District must take place.


Great Barrington


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