Letter: No need for column bashing millennials

No need for column bashing millennials

To the editor:

As a long-time subscriber and passionate advocate for the importance of the press, I would like to ask you to update the Eagle's editorial page with more columns of interest to our region and/or of national importance. Some of your current syndicated national columnists fit this very well. Some do not. I was saddened that you chose to run Gene Lyons' piece "The great college coddling" on June 21.

Mr. Lyons chooses to bash and ridicule parents, children and college students based on the account of one friend who works in day care and a few chosen anecdotes from "the popular press." Had Mr. Lyons chosen to research any of the snippets he cites — ones by the way that the sensationalists, including Donald Trump, have also used to ridicule today's college students — he would find that there are complex issues at stake at each of the colleges. He might have realized that today's students are navigating a bewilderingly challenging environment in which to find their way. There are a lot of important stories there, had he bothered to look.

I don't think The Eagle needs to give a forum to someone who cheaply piles on popular opinion. The Eagle is better than that, and as a reader I would like better. I would love to see you give the space to a younger person, perhaps an MCLA, BCC or Williams College student. There is much hand-wringing about understanding millennials and how to get them to the Berkshires. A column bashing them isn't helpful. A column by a millennial would be terrific.

Barbara Palmer Tyringham The writer is a parent of three millennials.


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