Letter: No need for hazardous BCC turf field

No need for hazardous BCC turf field

To the editor:

To those individuals in favor of the turf field at B.C.C.:

I'd like to ask you each to step back for a moment and do some soul searching. Why do you feel that it's necessary to use turf for this field? I've lived in The Berkshires my entire life. When my brothers and I were growing up, our parents encouraged us to play sports. We did not have to worry about the effects of things like turf fields.

Growing up there were many different reasons my parents encouraged my brothers and I to play sports. It was a chance to try and learn about a sport. It was an opportunity to meet new people. It was a chance to be part of a team. All our parents wanted was for us to do our best and have fun.

When I was growing up we didn't have turf fields. We played on grass fields, mud or any surface available. We had so much fun! The best part of the experience was seeing my parents on the sidelines cheering us on!

Why is it so important to all of you to build this field? Why are you taking away from the spirit of the sport? Why are you taking away from the opportunities the youth would have? Why push for something that has been documented to cause health problems in players that have used them?

In medicine we are trained to do no harm. Shouldn't it be all of our responsibility to do no harm? Should we not allow any harm to come to the youth in our community? The very youth that you claim to be providing the turf fields for? Why not take the money and fix the fields? Make the fields environmentally safe with the money. Perhaps take some of the money and invest it in sports programs for the Berkshire youth so their love of the sports can grow! Give the youth who wouldn't otherwise be able to play, the opportunity to experience the sport! Let them have the memories of their parents cheering them on from the sidelines. They need the opportunity to learn life's valuable lessons while having fun.

If you persist in this venture, every individual using the field as a player or spectator will eventually have medical issues. These are indisputable facts. Athletes and parents should all be provided a listing of those individuals pushing and supporting the field project. This will provide them an avenue to follow when in the future they health problems. They then can come back and request help with medical expenses from those responsible.

Jane Nugent, Pittsfield


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