Letter: No rabbits at Arrowhead's farm


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I read with great interest your March 19 article about Arrow-
head’s new farm project until I got to the part about raising rabbits. How distressing to know that America’s third most popular pet will be raised and butchered at this beautiful and historic site. Farmed rabbits live short and miserable lives in parallel to the animals people love and enjoy as their family pet.

Rabbits are intelligent and inquisitive, they bond strongly to their human and to other rabbits and even other pets in a home. In all ways they are exactly the same as any cat or dog, except that they are the only companion animal in this country that is also slaughtered for meat and fur. Imagine serving up your grandmother’s poodle or the family tabby for dinner -- there is no difference from a pet bunny.

Search Google for rabbit rescues and you will find stories of thousands of rabbits in need of homes, many who are former "meat rabbits" rescued from caged lives of suffering. Visit the Berkshire Hum-
ane Society and meet the rabbits in the small animal room -- lovely, friendly bunnies, who love to play with toys, run and explore. The rabbit on the farm and the rabbit in the shelter, they are all the same.

I implore Arrowhead to reconsider this part of their project. I personally will never support it if it chooses to slaughter companion animals in the name of farming. For more information on these wonderful pets, please visit http://rabbit.org/ and http://www.freedomforfarmedrabbits.com/




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